Speed Excursions

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Tailored Trips

New Zealand has some of the most incredible terrain on offer its a speed flyers paradise accessing the hills is not always an easy task privately owned land / restricted flying zones and rugged landscape can make this difficult.

We want to make it easy for you and get the most from you’re trip, so we’ve done the research grab your wings or rent ours and strap yourself in for an ultimate edge speed excursion, taking you on guided tours throughout NZ to its most popular speed flight sites and some private sites we have secured consent to.

We create trips based on your wants and needs from single day excursions to week long, one person – four people no problem ! You want hike & flys / Drive & flys / Speed soaring sites even helicopter drops we are going to get you there and sort out the best accommodation for as close to the sites as possible.

More importantly we are going to help you manage safety with site specific emergency response planning and the communication equipment.

PG2 is required to fly speed wings in New Zealand, if you dont have your rating we still want to hear from you to provide you with the information for whats required to obtain your rating through the PG school and answer any questions you have