Progressive Downsizing

Why Progressive downsizing ?

Speed pilots come from a number of different backgrounds with different skill sets, a common goal that most share is the want to fly intermediate to advanced classed speed wings, the best way to achieve this is progressively. The wing that you want to be flying in most cases is not the one you’re starting on, purchasing the wings to work your way down to you’re desired flying set up this is an expensive exercise, so most skip the larger wings purchasing something that is a little on the small side for their first, This is more often than not a steep learning curve which increases the level of risk. At the same time your progression can be slower than if you started with a larger wing working your way down, as you have more time with the larger wing to perfect your technique and understand its flight characteristics.

Common misconception from pilots entering with a skydiving background is to purchase a speed glider based on the size of their skydiving canopy, the sports have common ground but are very different at the same time, the pilot that starts with a larger wing and progresses down will have more experience and skills than a pilot that the buys a small wing straight away, once they reach the same number of flights.

Average flight down sizing progression is 10 flights, The aim of this program is to give you an excellent starting point with bulk flights in a short period so you’re experience level grows quickly.

We will guide you with from the beginning build the skills and confidence that you need preparing you’re speed pilot career.

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Select your pace

Each pilot will learn and progress at different levels, this program was created to assist new speed flyers enter the sport with the option of flying a full range of wings, from mini wings down to intermediate classed speed wings.

This way you have the ability to select the wing size and type, downsize when you feel confident about your skill level. Entering progressively will make you a better pilot having more experience with different wing models and sizes, also giving you knowledge to make a better informed decision on what is most suitable for you’re first set up – fly before you buy !

Site Selection

This is equally as important if not more than equipment selection, the site your skill level and weather conditions will determined what which wing to use.

As part of the progressive downsizing we take you to sites that are easy to fly first, shuttle you up and down the hills where possible so you can pack as many flights into a day as possible building your skill level quickly with higher frequency of flights in a short period over the same line will build an excellent picture of the glide capabilities at your wing loading on a variety of different wings.


PG2 is required to fly speed wings in New Zealand, if you dont have your rating we still want to hear from you to provide you with the information for whats required to obtain your rating through the PG school and answer any questions